Works in Progress


Julia was recently workshopped through the 2018 Block A Program at Playwright’s Theatre Company in Vancouver, BC.

This play tells the story of Michael Quinn and his association with one of Canada’s most celebrated, reclusive painters, Julia Malone. It is set across two times and places: the first is the fictional town of Blackhorse Lake in 1994, where a young Michael, vacationing with his newly separated mother, meets and becomes infatuated with Julia; and the second is Vancouver in 2018/19, where the adult Michael, now a successful filmmaker, is creating a movie about his experiences on Blackhorse Lake all those years ago.

A “memory play” that explores the blurred distinctions and commonalities between memory, artifice, and reality, this play is a searching exploration for truth and authenticity in a world of facades and performances. It is available for workshopping and/or production.

A Harvest of Stars

This play tells the story of the Flavin family—comprised of the patriarch, Art; his brother, Dick; Art’s wife, Dana; and their daughter, Brigit—who are Irish Catholic immigrants that have settled on a small farm near the Kainai First Nations Reserve in Southern Alberta.

The action of the play centres around Art’s decision to sell the family farm to a company that wants to drill for oil on the property. This decision fractures the family, pitting Art and Brigit against Dana and Dick. Other plot elements include Dick and Dana’s incestuous affair, Art’s repressed homosexuality, and Brigit’s emerging identity as a poet—as well as her traumatic discovery that she is actually Art and Dana’s adopted daughter.

A Harvest of Stars is structured into four acts, each named, for symbolic reasons, after one of the four festival days of the Gaelic harvest calendar, and engages with themes including the clash of Catholic and “pagan” world views, civilization and nature, and art and reality.

In 2014, the first half of this script was given a highly successful reading at DaPoPo’s Live-In Festival in Halifax, NS. In 2016, it was awarded 3rd place in the Major Matt Mason National Playwriting Competition, based out of Calgary, AB. Although it would no doubt benefit from an initial round of workshopping, the script is available and ready for production.